Monday, March 16, 2009

Piñata time again

This is not a PIÑATA BLOG.... someone asked me about it, is just that there is tons off piñatas here!!!!


Bre said...

Oh look at the Weimi!!! I use to have a Weimereiner dog. So full of energy. Get that pinata!!!

BoufMom9 said...

I LOVE that Pinata (as i am sure you must've known i would. LOL)
How cool!
What a fun party with so many happy kids!
You are always having so much fun!!!

The Eadle Family said...

I've never had a pinata before. Now I am bummed out. lol. Awesome pictures though!

The Eadle Family said...

ps - left you an award at my blog

Christy said...

Its always great to see pics of Santi!
I think it is great that you have so many pinatas! They are so much fun!

* TONYA * said...

Maybe you should start a pinata blog just for fun :). You always show the best ones ha ha.