Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip To Tela Beach!

When we arrived on friday it was raining cats and dogs, as you can see in the pictures the sky was so grey. But the next day it got better.

At the pool!

HMMMM Ice Cream!

Playing in the sand!

Eating some sand!

Waiting for dinner!

Our drive back!!! i made some sandwich´s to eat while we where on the road, as you can see he enjoyed his!


TONYA said...

okay I'm extremely jealous of his ice-cream, I want one.

So glad you had a great time. The photos are gorgeous.

BoufMom9 said...

What a great vacation!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of walter & Santi in the pool! So cute!

The Collins Family said...

so cute! Santi must have gotten taller recently - where has your little chunky monkey gone? He doesn't even look like he has rubber bands around his arms and legs anymore!