Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My parents sent Santi a TON of clothes from Germany!!!!! OHH and they are so cute… OHHH and ORGANIG COTTON!!!! We so love them all!!! THANKS so very much!!!! He is really set for the summer.

Mis padres enviaron desde Alemania ropa para Santiago!!!!! Y esta tan bonita…… y es de ALGODÓN ORGANICO!!!!! Nos gusto mucho la ropa!!!! Muchas GRACIAS!!!!!! Santiago esta listo para el verano.

June is the month that our town celebrates the anniversary, so there is a lot of thing around, like the AGAS, here people have an exhibition of Cows, Horses and other animals. Santi was really exited and repeated COW COW over and over

Estamos en la Feria Juniana y llevamos a Santiago y a su primo al AGAS para ver las vacas y los caballos, le encantaron, y repetía VACA VACA mil veces!!!!

After that and all the HOT HOT HOT we had to endure, of course where did we go???? To the MALL

Después de eso y de todo el CALOR CALOR CALOR que tuvimos que soportar donde nos refugiamos????? Pues en el MALL


Tabbatha Rose said...

Yayyyyyy!! Great to hear about the clothes, that always helps. Im glad you had a wonderful time at the town festival and Mall.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

yay for new clothes! He will be one cute little boy now!! The festival looked great! Gald you had a good time.

Debbie Moore said...

Santi will be styling this summer! He is so cute with the cows!

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! That is some LOOT! Well done grandparents!!! YIPPEE! Santi will be the best dressed boy!

LOVE Santi in overalls with the cows! He looks like a little farmer. :)

TONYA said...

WOW, you well and truly SCORED Santi.

The Collins Family said...

That's an entire summer wardrobe! Awesome!!! Love Santi saying COW COW! Smarty pants!

CC said...

Wow! Look at all those clothes! How awesome! I love new clothes! I love shopping for clothes, love it when grandparents shop for clothes! very cute! Your mall looks like lots of fun! wish we had one around here like that!