Monday, April 28, 2008

Our busy weekend!

On Friday we celebrated Santigo´s cousin third birthday, as you can see Santi is enjoying the piñata!!!!

On Saturday we went to Walter’s boss house for a barbecue, Santi had a great time! And so did we! He kind of misbehaved hitting the other kids and not sharing toys.

On Sunday we had a second piñata for Santi´s cousin! Yes lucky kid!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Santiago and Allergies

So to this is what we woke up today !!!!! Yes it looks like he was punched in the eye!!!
This began last Friday when supposed bugs bite him on the other eye and it was kind of swollen but not this bad. Saturday we gave him some allergy medicine and some ointment. Sunday better, Monday GREAT, Yesterday the other eye swollen, so I took him to the Ped and prescribed some ZYRTEC for allergies. TODAY it was worst that yesterday so called the Ped and he told me to take him to the ophthalmologist who said exactly the same thing, now the fun part to discover to what exactly is he allergic too

Friday, April 11, 2008

Santi has been sick!!!

Santi is sick and I felt so scared! Here it goes Friday after work, Walter and I drove to the construction site before picking Santi up form my MIL, on the way there my SIL text me that Santi maybe had Pink eye! Well not so bad actually just pink eye, so we went to the construction and there my MIL called that Santi was burning up with a fever over 41 C( no idea what this is in F) I told her to give him some medicine and to put him in the Bath immediately, we rushed over and my poor baby was unresponsive and so sick I almost died there on the spot, I don’t know after how many stuff his fever went down and was prescribed antibiotics due to a CROUP, we went home and have had since then a lot of sleepless nights, he has had croup before but never this bad, he has no voice right now, but is actually feeling better, today he took some milk after being without food since Friday, and he is smiling, so this is better!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Is amazing how quick they get sick and how fast the recover, he still has a Cough, but is eating again and playing as if nothing ever happened, just a bit clingy, but that is fine.